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CopenhagenWelcome to the travel management site for Concordia University, Nebraska.
This site provides guidance for campus leaders planning off-campus travel experiences. This site is also helpful for participants taking part in off-campus travel experiences. Here's what you can find on this site:

Faculty/Staff Resources  
By clicking on the Faculty/Staff Resources  tab, campus trip leaders will find the Off-Campus Activity & Travel Guide. This Guide contains important information on campus processes for planning and leading a campus trip.
If you are planning to lead an experience off-campus, or considering this possibility, you'll want to read this Guide and review other information provided in that section, including a Leader Check List for both international and domestic travel.  
This section also includes Overviews on how to complete a Proposed Trip Plan and a Trip Funding Plan  for international or domestic trips - and finally leaders will find the links to submit these items online. 

General Travel Resources
Check the General Travel Resources  tab for helpful links to transportation, health, safety, and other travel related areas to review in preparing for particular trips.

Individual Student Travel 
Any student participating in individual travel such as study abroad or internships or international student teaching will need to complete a Travel Registration. Students should go to the Individual Student Travel link to find the Travel Registration tab for your particular travel experience. Do not use this for a group travel experience! 

Group Programs - Domestic 
Group Programs - International

Any participant in an upcoming campus trip will need to complete a Program Registration. Search under Group Programs - Domestic  or Group Programs - International  for your particular trip and follow the guidelines provided to complete your registration. 

Contact Global Opportunities Center ~ 200 Faculty Lane
Julie Johnston Hermann
Director of Global Opportunities
Global Opportunities Center
Concordia University, Nebraska
800 N. Columbia Ave.
Seward, NE 68434